Pet Boarding With Cat Accommodation in Marlborough
Why Choose a Cattery for Your Next Holiday?

When going on holiday, it can be easy to get caught up in the trip and forget that your cat needs to be looked after too. At Goldborough House Kennels and Cattery Ltd, we make sure that your dogs and cats have a good holiday as well. With quality dog kennels and cat accommodation, we are the preferred choice for pet boarding in Marlborough and the surrounding areas we cover. We provide off-lead walking for dogs and pet grooming to keep your cats happy and healthy. 

You can consider a few cat care options while you’re away, such as a pet-sitting service, but we recommend a cattery to ensure your cat’s needs are fully covered. There are many reasons to choose a cattery for your cat’s next holiday, including:

  • Comprehensive Services

  • The Right Place

  • Keeping a Piece of Home

  • Loving and Trained Staff

Comprehensive Services

There are many catteries to choose from, so it’s crucial to pick one that provides the best services for your cat. Cats can grow accustomed to a changed environment quicker than often expected. With fully heated and serviced units, our cattery provides all of the services your cat needs. From single and family units to ‘The Penthouse’, we have an option for all cats. We have space for your cats to explore, socialise, exercise, play, be stimulated and relax. Our team also offers pet grooming services to keep your cats clean and happy.

The Right Place

When choosing a cattery, visiting the facility and getting a feel for the place is important. Our friendly professionals are on hand 24 hours to help with all of your needs and keep your pets safe and comfortable. With dog kennels and cat accommodation, we are accomplished at meeting the needs of all types of pets and always know what they need, covering off-lead walking, safe socialising and play. Your cat will always be safe at our pet boarding house. Our personable owners, Geoff and Dawn, recommend that you come and see Goldborough House before making a decision. 

As a popular choice for veterinarians and nurses in Swindon, Marlborough and the surrounding areas, you can have peace of mind leaving your cat with our trusted team.

Keeping a Piece of Home

As cat lovers and experts, our cattery is a safe space for all breeds of cats and kittens. We recommend bringing your cat’s favourite toy and blanket with them so they can get comfortable in their new environment. Familiarity always helps with a stay in a cattery, reducing pet stress and anxiety. A piece of home also provides a scent that instantly makes your cat feel comfortable.

Loving and Trained Staff

At Goldborough House Kennels and Cattery Ltd, our staff are fully trained in animal first aid and are all cat lovers. We always put your pet’s well-being and happiness first, so you can feel comfortable having your little ones stay with us. Our team ensures your cat receives individual attention and love, and we can also help with social play if you desire. 

We recommend prospective guests from Marlborough and the surrounding areas visit us at Goldborough House in Swindon to see our cat accommodation and pet grooming facilities. We also offer pet boarding for dogs, with deluxe dog kennels and a secure paddock for off-lead walking.

For pet boarding with dog kennels, pet grooming and more in Swindon, Marlborough and the surrounding areas,
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