a collage of photos of a dog playing with a ball a white cat standing on the floor in a cage a couple of dogs standing on top of a lush green field a husky dog with a pacifier in its mouth a small white dog standing on top of a lush green field a man sitting on the ground with three dogs a long hallway with several cages in it a green litter box sitting in the corner of a room a row of buildings with a fence and a tree in the background a grassy field with a fence and a house in the background a large grassy field next to a fence a large grassy field with trees in the background a couple of buildings that are next to each other there is a large tree in the middle of the road pine tree in front of Goldborough House an orange cat sitting on a person's lap a hallway with a bunch of clothes hanging on the wall a cat in a cage looking at the floor a dog running through a frost field a sign that is in the grass near trees a house with a fence and flowers hanging from the roof