Off-Lead Walking
in Swindon, Marlborough and All Surrounding Areas

At Goldborough House Kennels and Cattery Ltd, our team ensures your pets are happy and healthy. We offer off-lead walking in our securely enclosed, grass paddock to keep dogs and puppies engaged, exercised and stimulated. Whether your pup requires some solo time or is happy in a group play environment, we take every care to ensure they are as comfortable as possible. All of our furry friends coming from Swindon, Marlborough and the surrounding areas are inoculated so we can ensure safe and social interactions between dogs if you are happy with it.

You can view our gallery and read the testimonials from previous guests to learn more about our dog walking service. You can also see examples of our outdoor facilities and the complimentary pet grooming we provide for stays over four nights.

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Off-Lead Walking

Our fully trained, skilled staff will take your dogs for long walks off the lead in our secure, onsite paddock. Our paddock is completely safe and provides an open space, with over 1/3 of an acre for your dogs to comfortably play in. 

We ensure your dogs are walked at least twice a day, every day, to keep them as content and healthy as possible. Whether they want to run, walk or play, we perfectly manage all their needs. We can also encourage social play with our other dogs if you wish. 

Our professionals make sure your dogs have plenty of water to keep them hydrated while having fun. We also offer enrichment with various toys, cuddles and petting.

Advantages of Off-Lead Walking

There are numerous advantages to off-lead walking, which is why we offer it at our facility. Dogs from Swindon, Marlborough and all of the surrounding areas receive many benefits from our service, including:


Walking with a lead will always put dogs in situations where they know their movement is restricted. With our fully secured paddock, your dog will be safe to roam around off the lead and relax in a secure environment. Our team are always on hand to ensure walking, running and playing are fun and safe so your dog won’t have to do anything other than relax and enjoy their time outside.


With a natural instinct to investigate their environment as they walk, dogs need to have the freedom to explore their surroundings. Walking without a lead allows your pups to make the most of the outdoors and get to know their environment.

Better Exercise

Having dogs on a lead during walks can limit them from getting all the exercise they need to be healthy and content. This is especially true for high-energy dogs who need to burn more energy outdoors. Free reign for exercising in a protected paddock will improve your dog’s mental and physical health.


Off-lead walking also allows your dog to interact, socialise and play with our other friendly guests. By leaving the lead off, dogs are more relaxed, which reduces their stress and anxiety and improves their socialisation.

At Goldborough House Kennels and Cattery Ltd, we can work closely with your dog to gain their trust and ensure they enjoy walking outside. We can help our guests successfully play together or spend one-on-one time with your pet if they need. We are happy to discuss all our services with customers in Swindon, Marlborough and the surrounding areas.

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