Pet Boarding With Dog Kennels
in Marlborough, Swindon and All Surrounding Areas

At Goldborough House Kennels and Cattery Ltd, our dedicated team of dog lovers provide a safe, clean and enjoyable place for your pets to stay. We have fully heated puppy and dog kennels that can house as many of your dogs as you need. We recommend that customers in Marlborough or any of the surrounding areas visit us at our pet boarding base in Swindon to see our first-rate accommodations and meet our friendly team. All staff have animal first aid training, offer full support and can report your pet’s eating patterns to you. 

You can also learn more about our service by reading the testimonials from previous customers. We also offer cat accommodation if you also are looking for a loving environment for your kittens and cats.

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Types of Dogs

Our kennels accept all types of dogs, which many don’t, and have fees based on the dog’s size so we can provide them with the best care possible. We require dogs to be fully vaccinated and also inoculated against kennel cough. Our team can provide single housing or social housing if needed for a family of dogs.

Below are a few examples of the many types of dogs we accept and which size category they fall into.

Small Dogs

  • Yorkshire Terrier

  • Pug

  • Maltese

  • Dachshund

  • Pomeranian

  • Shih Tzu

  • Chihuahua

  • Poodle

  • Jack Russell

Medium Dogs

  • Border Collie

  • Samoyed

  • English Bulldog

  • Staffordshire

  • Bull Terrier

  • Springers

  • Cocker Spaniel

  • Chow Chow

  • Whippet

  • Beagles

Large Dogs

  • Doberman

  • Golden Retriever

  • Boxer Dog

  • Husky

  • Labrador

  • German Pointer

  • Bloodhound

  • German Shepherd

Extra Large Dogs

  • Great Danes

  • Newfoundland

  • Mastiff

  • Bordeaux

  • Saint Bernard

  • Bullmastiff

Exercise and Feeding

The team at Goldborough House Kennels and Cattery Ltd always make sure we are constantly checking in on your beloved pet(s) and that they are playing, walking and socialising, if appropriate.

At our pet boarding site in Swindon, we manage off-the-lead walking and running in our large, secure grassed paddock. We ensure all guests from Marlborough and the surrounding areas are engaged and interact with toys such as balls, tuggers, and more. Our team also carefully orchestrates social play if applicable for your dog. 

We ensure there are areas of shade and that water is available to drink at all times to make your dog’s stay as relaxing as possible. Our team also feeds our guests either twice a day with treats available or follows individual dietary needs as per customers’ requests.

Cleaning and Sleeping

We encourage you to bring your dog’s favourite toys and blanket with them for their stay. The scent from their blanket will make sleeping in our dog kennels, which we keep as quiet as possible, more comfortable. The kennels are constantly checked and cleaned throughout the day, and if your pet is staying with us for four days or longer, they are bathed, shampooed and blow-dried.

You don’t need to bring your own bedding as we provide everything. We have new dog hammocks for ultimate comfort in all weather conditions. 

Our fully trained team can also administer any medicine you provide, such as antibiotics, prescribed medicines with instructions, creams and ointments.


There are multiple types of dog enrichment we provide at our kennels, including:

  • Nutritional 

  • Occupational

  • Sensory

  • Physical

We endeavour to engage as much with your furry friends as possible so they can enjoy a holiday too. Our team will cuddle and pet your pooches and use various toys and kongs to stimulate brain work.

Stress Management

One of our reliable team members will spend time alone in the paddock with your pet to help adjust to the environment and build a bond with our staff. We offer additional care and attention to ensure they feel safe and loved. One of our reliable team members will get into the paddock alone with your pet and no other dogs, so they can adjust to the environment and build a bond with our staff.

As part of our pet boarding service, we also have calming plug-ins we can apply in the dog kennels. These plug-ins release calming pheromones to ensure puppies and dogs from Swindon, Marlborough or any of the surrounding areas are as comfortable as possible.

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