Cat Accommodation
in Swindon, Marlborough and All Surrounding Areas

Goldborough House Kennels and Cattery Ltd aims to provide an excellent standard of service and care to make your cat or kitten’s stay with us as enjoyable as possible. We offer deluxe cat accommodation to customers in Swindon, Marlborough and all of the surrounding areas. For your peace of mind, we recommend visiting our first-rate dog kennels and cattery to see where your pets will be pampered and cared for. 

You can also view our gallery to see Goldborough House’s pet boarding and a few of our content and enriched guests. We are also happy for you to call us on 01793 853 970 to discuss all aspects of the specialist service we provide.

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We offer the choice for cats to be housed together or in single luxury units. Our company has a range of options available, including ‘The Penthouse’. Our units are heated, and we have someone onsite 24 hours a day to care for your little ones.


Our experts encourage you to bring their favourite toy and a blanket they sleep with so they can accommodate the environment with a known scent. We do our best to keep the sleeping units as quiet as possible so they can relax. 

Our team also ensures plenty of shade and drinking water is available at all times.

Stress Management

We care about managing pet stress, so if we feel an animal is anxious, our team will work to gain the cat’s trust until they feel safe, calm and happy. We can provide additional care and attention to ensure your cat feels comfortable. We also have plug-ins that release calming pheromones to create a stress-free environment.

Types of Cats

Our pet boarding service covers all breeds of cats and kittens and provides the best experience possible so they also have a holiday. At Goldborough House Kennels and Cattery Ltd, we tailor our service to meet the needs of all types of cats and kittens from Swindon, Marlborough and the surrounding areas.

A few of the many breeds we provide cat accommodation for include:

  • Siamese

  • Maine Coon

  • Persian

  • Ragdoll

  • Sphynx

  • Scottish Fold

  • Birman

  • Burmese

  • Russian Blue

  • American Bobtail

  • Moggys

  • British Longhair

  • LaPerm

  • Ragamuffin

  • Manx


At Goldborough House Kennels and Cattery Ltd, we care about animal enrichment and provide various toys, scratchpads and balls for engagement and stimulation. We offer a range of services to ensure your cats are comfortable, have fun and relax, including:

  • Feeding

  • Drinking

  • Playing

  • Toys

  • Grooming

  • Brushing

  • Litter Boxes

  • Food Balls

  • Interactive Toys

We always ensure cats have water and water bowls available to them.

Food and Diet

Our team encourages you to bring your own pet food, especially if your cat or kitten has specific dietary requirements and feeding plans.

We do have plenty of cat food available and treats, if they meet your dietary requirements.

Additional Services


We require all cats and kittens to be fully inoculated and have the necessary annual booster injections against Cat Flu and Feline Infectious Enteritis. All injections must be administered at least seven days prior to staying with us. 

Our team can administer any medicine provided, such as antibiotics, steroids and prescribed medication with instructions. We can also apply creams and ointments. Our staff are also trained in animal first aid and are fully insured, so your pets will be in the best hands.

Snaps and Videos

The team at Goldborough House Kennels and Cattery Ltd take holiday snaps and videos to send home on request. We can also post pics of your pets on our socials if you allow so you can stay updated with your cat’s holiday with us. However, during extremely busy periods, this service may be temporarily reduced or suspended, as your pet(s) welfare will always take priority.

Our team are happy to answer any questions about the pet boarding services we provide to customers in Swindon, Marlborough and all surrounding areas. We can discuss all aspects of our luxury cat accommodation to help you make the best choice for your cat or kitten.

For pet boarding, cat accommodation with pet grooming and more in Swindon, Marlborough and the surrounding areas,
please call Goldborough House Kennels and Cattery Ltd on 01793 853970.
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