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The Kennels

Our kennels  consist of two identical blocks, each housing 20 kennel units. Each kennel is heated & has an adjoining run (approximately 12 feet in length & 7 feet in width) that is completely covered by roofing. Within these kennels we have double kennel units that are capable of providing comfortable boarding for 2 or 3 dogs at one time.

Should you wish to bring your pets own bedding & toys you are most welcome to do so.


All our guests (or family of guests) are exercised individually, off the lead at least twice a day in our spacious, securely enclosed, grass paddock.

Paddock, Fence and Trees Enclosed Grass Paddock Grass Paddock


We require that all our guests be fully inoculated and have the necessary annual booster injections against Hepatitis, Distemper, Leptospirosis & Parvo-Virus. We also require that our guests are inoculated against Kennel Cough (dogs only), this is either provided in the form of Intrac or Nobivac and must be administered at least 7 days prior to boarding.


We provide our guests with individual meals prepared & served for each guest's specific requirements, except those on prescription diet from the vet. The owner must provide these.


All forms of medication can be administered and must be provided with specific instructions by the owner.

Walkway to Kennels Side of Building Man with Two Dogs Kennel Interior